Ironic Covers

a. the use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning.
b. an expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning.
c. a literary style employing such contrasts for humorous or rhetorical effect.
d metal covers of gerry rafferty’s “baker street”.

cover #35: it’s tricky

song: it’s tricky cover: bloodhound gang original: run DMC comments: my first encounter with this song (that i can remember) was not in the 80’s, or 90’s, but a few years ago, when barats and bereta used it at the end of their video, the good word: sometimes i’m a little slow on the uptake. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? run DMC – it’s tricky bloodhound gang – it’s tricky lyrics: this speech…

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cover #34: the epic all-nirvana backwards tribute

today we shall break format, for the following post is a multi-song extravaganza dedicated to the covers of nirvana. no, not nirvana songs covered by other people (that’s what nearvana – san francisco {linked here in both cd and mp3 format, respectively} is for). no, today we talk about the songs that nirvana has covered. it’s been weird to go through my nirvana collection. it’s been a long time since i’ve considered myself a big fan, and even then it…

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cover #33: (don’t fear) the reaper

song: (don’t fear) the reaper cover: apollo 440, gus black, HIM, heaven 17, sever your ties, the mutton birds, and i’m sure a billion other bands original: blue oyster cult comments: no real irony here, just incredulity. damn this song gets covered a lot. it’s like “landslide”, except it doesn’t totally fucking suck. also, pro-tip: if a band you haven’t heard of has a number in the name, it’s probably some derivative of house music. observe: apollo 440 gus black…

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cover #32: lovesong

song: lovesong cover: snake river conspiracy original: the cure comments: unpopular opinion time: i don’t like the cure. like, at all. well, ok, i like the song “burn” from the crow soundtrack, but other than that, i really don’t like them. i especially don’t like “lovesong”. except for this cover of it. thank you, snake river conspiracy, for allowing me to enjoy it. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? the cure – lovesong snake river conspiracy…

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cover #31: what a wonderful world

song: what a wonderful world cover: meads of asphodel original: louis armstrong comments: i’m not totally sure this counts as a cover, since the song’s basically completely rewritten. but it’s a complete 180 from the original, so… let’s just go with it, shall we? first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? louis armstrong – what a wonderful world meads of asphodel’s “cover” is not available in mp3 format on amazon, unless it’s hiding under some…

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cover #30: zombie

song: zombie cover: ororo original: the cranberries comments: nothing like getting down to a song about war and despair and suffering. where are my fucking glow sticks?! first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? the cranberries – zombie soooo, there isn’t the actual, wordy version of ororo’s cover of zombie on amazon, but there is the karaoke version. lyrics: another head hangs lowly child is slowly taken and the violence caused such silence who are…

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cover #29: last caress

song: last caress cover: aerial m original: the misfits comments: where do i start making fun of danzig? the fact that he’s my height? his inability to wear a shirt? his singing songs about killing babies and raping moms when we all know they would both take him down with one punch? i guess i’ll just let the soothing sounds of this cover chuckle you to a more peaceful state. first song is cover, second is original. where can you…

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cover #28: from out of nowhere

song: from out of nowhere cover: apocalyptica original: faith no more comments: this randomly came onto my mp3 player this morning, and i was immediately sucked violently back in time to when i was a teenager and this was the shiznite and i had very little working knowledge of faith no more beyond “epic”. i have since smartened up. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? faith no more – from out of nowhere apocalyptica…

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cover #27: i’m your boogie man

song: i’m your boogie man cover: white zombie original: kc and the sunshine band (or, as i wanted to type it, kc and the motherfuckin’ sunshine band) comments: dude, i seriously did not realize this was a cover until the other day, when i heard the original playing in the background of some movie or show that at this moment escapes me. (edit: WATCHMEN! it was in watchmen. got it) i mean, it’s just such a perfect song for rob…

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cover #26: where is my mind

song: where is my mind cover: maxence cyrin original: pixies comments: this cover has gotten pretty popular since i first found it embedded in an erotic photography blog, of all places. and by pretty popular, i mean that i heard it on college radio the other day. suuuuper popular. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? pixies – where is my mind maxence cyrin – where is my mind lyrics: with your feet in the…

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