cover #53: space oddity

song: space oddity cover: tulus original: david bowie comments: that’s all the comment required, thank you.   first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? tulus’ cover of space oddity is a void that amazon.com just doesn’t see fit to fill. internet, activate! david bowie – space oddity lyrics: ground control to major tom ground control to major tom take your protein pills, and put your helmet on ground control to major tom commencing countdown, engines…

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cover #42: let’s go all the way

song: let’s go all the way cover: insane clown posse original: sly fox comments: this is where i tell you that i used to actively listen to insane clown posse, that i actually paid money to attend a concert, and half-heartedly searched locally for two-liters of faygo. we all have memories we’d rather forget. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? sly fox – let’s go all the way insane clown posse – let’s go…

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cover #35: it’s tricky

song: it’s tricky cover: bloodhound gang original: run DMC comments: my first encounter with this song (that i can remember) was not in the 80’s, or 90’s, but a few years ago, when barats and bereta used it at the end of their video, the good word: sometimes i’m a little slow on the uptake. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? run DMC – it’s tricky bloodhound gang – it’s tricky lyrics: this speech…

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cover #33: (don’t fear) the reaper

song: (don’t fear) the reaper cover: apollo 440, gus black, HIM, heaven 17, sever your ties, the mutton birds, and i’m sure a billion other bands original: blue oyster cult comments: no real irony here, just incredulity. damn this song gets covered a lot. it’s like “landslide”, except it doesn’t totally fucking suck. also, pro-tip: if a band you haven’t heard of has a number in the name, it’s probably some derivative of house music. observe: apollo 440 gus black…

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cover #29: last caress

song: last caress cover: aerial m original: the misfits comments: where do i start making fun of danzig? the fact that he’s my height? his inability to wear a shirt? his singing songs about killing babies and raping moms when we all know they would both take him down with one punch? i guess i’ll just let the soothing sounds of this cover chuckle you to a more peaceful state. first song is cover, second is original. where can you…

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cover #21: wish

i have become aware of an epic battle raging between nine inch nails fans and linkin park fans over the song “wish”. originally performed by nine inch nails on their album broken, it was covered by linkin park in june of 2004 in germany. which means that i’m really slow on the uptake, and that kids on youtube have nothing better to do. FOR INSTANCE, the highest rated comment on the linkin park video: “360 fans jealous of Linkin park…

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cover #13: send me an angel

song: send me an angel cover band: zeromancer original: real life comments: dude, you really must see the music video for the original: first song is cover, second is original. where do you get it? real life – send me an angel zeromancer – send me an angel lyrics: do you believe in heaven above do you believe in love don’t tell a lie don’t be false or untrue it all comes back to you open fire on my burning…

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dear sir/madame: i love you

long ago, i signed up for an account with onemodelplace.com. it had nothing to do with wanting to become a model (though, if by chance the world of fashion were suddenly turned upside down and short, chocolate-loving girls with dreads became the new trend, i wouldn’t turn it down); rather, if you’re into figure drawing and want a constantly updated source of women contorted into odd positions in extreme lighting with vapid looks on their faces, then haute couture shots…

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