liz markus has been creating for as long as she can remember, with crayons as a toddler, to fimo millefiori beads and acrylics over summer breaks, to fine art training in watercolors, pastels, and ceramics in college. she has owned and maintained brainfreezy.com since the internet was a baby, first as a jhonen vasquez/johnny the homicidal maniac fan page, then as a landing page for various projects, to its current iteration to showcase her various works in different mediums. her purpose has always been, at its core, to bring beautiful things into the world. she lives with her partner, geoff, and four cats, wicky, asha, pooh bear and fiona, in san jose, california, a place she lovingly refers to as a “concrete monolith of suck.” but it’s her concrete monolith of suck. very important distinction.

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i reserve all my rights. you can’t have them. mine mine mine. you can have yours, though.