– mind is oft wild + uncontrolled, like an untrained puppy
 – anxiety is rooted in a core instinct for self-preserv to ID threats and protect yourself, but its not for rumination
 – we need to learn and identify when pup is off path
– when overly agitated, upset, off-kilter, take THREE BREATHS
– OPEN YOUR SENSES – its primavera – smells, sights, sounds
– meditation session we builD that skill, trying to count to 10,..
– self-care an important skill; not always what feels good, but what is beneficial
– blitz spirit, tenacity, mutual care and lovingkindness

the Great Seal, comp and wisdom, underlying all.
Simulation of awakened mind / in its natural state / Buddha mind.

– Chronic pain study, its important to see that pain doesn’t = suffering. The key is the Mind.
– Lots of distractions on TV, the internet, on our phones – our attention span is lit goldfish level
– Chronic pain is, in a strange way, an excellent CTA to get yogi-level meditation skills. u get challenges others don’t.
– Self-knowledge is critical to a good life with chronic pain.
– Here we are trying to embrace our Natural Mind, perhaps in the process see the impulses, triggers and narratives which allow suffering to form around pain..

Look inward at our own mind, our own natural mind as it really is, beyond the messy distractions…

It is…
a Clear Light of Awareness

Distractions and objects of awareness are dream-like, not solid, return to  the anchor of Breath and rest in your Inner Mind.

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