linkin park

cover #51: dust in the wind

song: dust in the wind cover: linkin park original: kansas comments: fun fact: i had linkin park and limp bizkit mixed up in my head, which speaks volumes of my opinion of both. anywho, from “one step closer” to “dust in the wind”. and there you go. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? amazon does not have linkin park’s tear-jerking rendition of dust in the wind. to the internet with you! kansas – dust…

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cover #21: wish

i have become aware of an epic battle raging between nine inch nails fans and linkin park fans over the song “wish”. originally performed by nine inch nails on their album broken, it was covered by linkin park in june of 2004 in germany. which means that i’m really slow on the uptake, and that kids on youtube have nothing better to do. FOR INSTANCE, the highest rated comment on the linkin park video: “360 fans jealous of Linkin park…

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