cover #36: the epic all-nirvana forwards tribute

oh snap, we’re breaking format again to bring you the antithesis/doppelganger/opposite of last week’s epic all-nirvana backwards tribute, featuring nirvana covering other bands… with bands… covering nirvana. “OH MY GOD THAT’S SO REVOLUTIONARY I DON’T EVEN KNOW I’VE LOST THE ABILITY TO CAN” yeahyeahyeah, anyway. it is my desire to bring forth some maybe lesser known (except for tori amos’ cover of “smells like teen spirit”; i think we’ve all heard it by now, but it is pretty darn different,…

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cover #34: the epic all-nirvana backwards tribute

today we shall break format, for the following post is a multi-song extravaganza dedicated to the covers of nirvana. no, not nirvana songs covered by other people (that’s what nearvana – san francisco {linked here in both cd and mp3 format, respectively} is for). no, today we talk about the songs that nirvana has covered. it’s been weird to go through my nirvana collection. it’s been a long time since i’ve considered myself a big fan, and even then it…

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