shitty cover

cover #52: today

song: today cover: madina lake original: smashing pumpkins comments: maybe i should start a spin-off blog dedicated to terrible covers of songs. we can toss evans blue and fear the clown there, and that one a perfect circle cover, and this one. i think the real crime here, in my (uninformed due to never hearing this band before) opinion is dudeguysinger trying to sound like billy corgan, when even billy corgan should be trying to sound less like billy corgan…

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cover #47: people are people

song: people are people cover: a perfect circle original: depeche mode comments: i’ve been looking for a new song to apply the “shitty cover” tag to for a while now. i just never thought it would be a cover by a perfect circle that would satisfy the itch. jesus, this blows. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? depeche mode – people are people a perfect circle – people are people lyrics: people are people…

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cover #24: gangsta’s paradise

song: gangsta’s paradise cover: in fear and faith original: coolio comments: yet another in a vast, swirling collection of good songs covered badly by mid-range metal-rock ensembles that use a variation of the plankton theory of success: if you want to sound good, play and scream louder. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? coolio – gangsta’s paradise oh shucks, amazon doesn’t have gangsta’s paradise as covered by in fear and faith. darn. lyrics: as…

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cover #22: come undone

song: come undone cover: fear the clown original: duran duran comments: dude. really? if, for some reason, after listening to their cover, you want to know more about fear the clown, you can read this massively embellished e-peen strokeage. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? duran duran – come undone oh, noes, you can’t get the fear the clown version on amazon, darn. oh well. lyrics: mine immaculate dream made breath and skin i’ve…

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cover #19: caught a lite sneeze

song: caught a lite sneeze cover band: evans blue original: tori amos comments: i couldn’t listen to the whole cover, it annoyed the SHIT out of me. hence the irony, that someone could take something so beautiful and make it suck SO HARD. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? tori amos – caught a lite sneeze god, why would you want to buy evans blue – caught a lite sneeze? lyrics: caught a lite…

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