smashing pumpkins

cover #52: today

song: today cover: madina lake original: smashing pumpkins comments: maybe i should start a spin-off blog dedicated to terrible covers of songs. we can toss evans blue and fear the clown there, and that one a perfect circle cover, and this one. i think the real crime here, in my (uninformed due to never hearing this band before) opinion is dudeguysinger trying to sound like billy corgan, when even billy corgan should be trying to sound less like billy corgan…

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cover #11: bullet with butterfly wings

song: bullet with butterfly wings cover band: frida snell original: smashing pumpkins comment: there are songs out there that i call “songs for the rain”. they don’t necessarily have to have tinkly pianos, but there is just some underlying… iunno. it’s hard to explain, ryan adams’ “everybody knows” and massive attack’s “teardrop” are songs for the rain. so’s this one. first song is cover, second is original. where can you get it? smashing pumpkins – bullet with butterfly wings unfortunately,…

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